From choices of treats and beautiful accents, enhance your individuality through your everyday choices.


Après Vous! SALON
A KEKI et BIJOUX In-House brand, gather your love for beauty & individuality for the woman who is never afraid of a ‘mix et match’ recipe as an everyday joy.
Enjoy special handpicked clothing and fashion accessories from Korea each season while staying true, timeless and of course radiating light wherever you choose to be!



RIOUS, the fine bakery line of a pioneer food manufacturer in Indonesia is all about re-invention. Stemming from careful research all in the name of dedication, GOLD CAKE by RIOUS is not only well appreciated by lovers of treats since it’s majestic launch 8 years ago. The individualists may also leave a trace of their soul by using these airy and moist filled cakes as a base to their sweet or art projects. Offering you 10 different flavours in-store, you may separate it, entwined it or enjoy them as it is. KEKI et BIJOUX invites you to re-discover the love of art through a romance filled canvas.
Have your cake the way you prefer, anytime and anywhere.


tot pARIS

Having a strong cult following in Europe and the World, Bessie Yeung founded TOT Paris in 2011. Graduated from Studio Berçot, she worked for Parisian brands like Martine Sitbon and Erotokritos as fashion designer for six years. TOT represents Bessies’ vision of variation and multiplicity with garments.In 2014, TOT changed its direction to TOT Paris, specialising in Hair Accessories consisting of headbands & turbans where each fabrics are produced, sourced and finely made in Paris.Thoughtfully designed to be effortless and adjustable for various hairstyles with a unique elastic band feature for both fit and comfort. The brand has since entered a new age of “faits main” and “local production” century in France. First in Southeast Asia, KEKI ET BIJOUX is pleased to introduce the brand’s range of hair accessories by one of Europe’s independent brand. Bringing you a KEKI ET BIJOUX’s nouvelle experience of TOT Paris where headbands does not only affiliate itself with ‘cuteness’. It also represents a true, feminine indépendance.