KEKI et BIJOUX is a retail concept in Singapore where much emphasis is placed upon encounters in a space where purchases are made. From sweet treats , artisanal beverages to vintage and trinkets we hope at least something catches your heart at KEKI et BIJOUX.

You may have seen an old , tattered leather case in a corner of our little store filled with writings and letters. All are invited to write to your current or future self as well as to a special someone. We promise never to open any of your penned down thoughts unless they are addressed to us!
Considering a confession letter?
Do so at your own discretion by addressing the recipient’s name &
request for them to collect it from the battered leather case.

If you are a writer or artist, by interest or profession and wants an added platform to showcase your works and thinks our store fits your concept,
we would really LOVE to be a part of your display portal.This is project #plasticineplastiqueplasma , an initiative by KEKI et BIJOUX, where we support independent artists.

We hope the joy and excitement upon visiting a brick & mortal retail store
like the good old’ days will restore your faith in the joy of offline retail.

For comments, collaborations & partnership please get in touch with us here.
For #plasticineplastiqueplasma project,
the same applies.

Thank you and we hope to interact with you soon.

’Only souls can make up a space,
never a soul, but souls who love other souls.’


Sincerely, us at